…mother looked out one day and there was a mule running amok in her front yard…, which was newly grassed…She didn’t know who to call, so she called Wender & Roberts Drugstore and they took care of it.”-from Buckhead: A Place For All Time by Susan Kessler-Barnard

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Vintage Wender & Roberts

Wender & Roberts Pharmacy was founded in 1918 by William Max Wender and Marvin Roberts as a family oriented neighborhood drugstore where the customer comes first. Atlanta has changed a lot since 1918, but our commitment to you and your family’s health has not. We may not get many calls for mule wrangling anymore, but we still put our customers first. Come experience the Wender & Roberts difference for yourself. Whether you need a prescription filled, a health/beauty item, medical/home health supplies or a gift for a special person, we are here for you.  Our service is always in style.