We deliver!

May 21, 2012 @ 12:02 PM
posted by Wender & Roberts

At Wender & Roberts Pharmacy we are proud of the “Best in Atlanta” customer service that we offer every day.  We want you to be aware of one service we offer that may make one of your days just a little easier.

We have been delivering your prescriptions right to your door for decades.  Did you know that along with those prescriptions we can also bring any item that we sell in our entire store?  Just let us know and we will gladly add the item to your order.

Let our pharmacists recommend just the right over-the-counter product for whatever symptoms you might be experiencing.  Do you need a bottle of your favorite shampoo?  Cosmetics?  How about a six pack of Coke Classic in the glass bottle?   Maybe you need a gift or a card for someone special.  We’re only a phone call away and we deliver every day but Sunday.

We are Wender & Roberts Pharmacy and we will take care of you!


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